Your health

GP surgeries and out of hours

You can use the NHS directory of services to find a GP surgery .

Drug and alcohol support

If you are worried about your drug and alcohol use, or the drug and alcohol use of someone else that you know, you can access support from We Are With You and the Grimsby Practices in Partnership Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services .

Those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can also join an abstinence based recovery programme .

Specialist support is available from North East Lincolnshire’s Carers’ Support Service if you are caring for someone with a substance misuse problem.

Mental health

If you are in need of immediate help you can contact the Single Point of Access (01472 256256 – option 3). The service can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 In North East Lincolnshire, mental health services and support are provided by:

Information and support is also available from national charities:

Advocacy can be accessed from:

An advocate helps you express your wants and wishes and stand up for your rights.

The Supported Living for Mental Health providers are:

There are also a number of residential and nursing homes for people who need support with their mental health:

Dental and out of hours

You can use the NHS directory of services to find a dentist .

The Community Dental Service provides dental treatment for people who cannot use or have difficulty accessing general dental services.


You can use the NHS directory of services to find an optician .

A Mobile optician can also see you in your home. 

Chiropodists and podiatrists

A podiatrist (chiropodist) can help you with common foot problems, including ingrown toenails and bunions. Information about podiatry and how it can help you is available on the NHS website .

Foot care services (including toenail cutting) are available locally from a variety of providers, including:

Age UK

Achilles Centre Grimsby

Community podiatry

Foresight Foot Care Service

Falls, rehabilitation and respiratory service

A Specialist Falls Prevention Service is available. For more information about the service, see Care Plus Group’s website .

The HOPE Respiratory Service helps people manage their chronic respiratory conditions. For more information about accessing the service, see Care Plus Group’s website .


If you are already under the care of a District Nurse then you should speak to your district nursing team about being referred to the Continence Team for an assessment. If you are not under the care of a District Nurse then you can contact the Continence Team for advice directly on 01472 256702, or discuss with your GP. The continence team will offer advice and arrange an appointment at the continence clinic if relevant. The Continence Team aim to improve, not cure.

The Bladder & Bowel Community provides information and advice on a range of symptoms and conditions related to the bladder and bowel, and also issue a ‘Just can’t wait toilet card ’ for discrete communication.

There are lots of different types of continence aids and protection. These can be purchased privately from several places, including:


If you require a commode, please speak to your District Nurse or GP Surgery. Alternatively you can purchase one privately.

If you have problems emptying a commode, Commode Liners may help – they are sealable commode liners that fit over any commode bucket or potty to make disposing of waste easier.

Long term health conditions (continuing healthcare)

Some people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free social care arranged and funded solely by the NHS. This is known as NHS continuing healthcare. Information about eligibility for continuing healthcare can be found on the NHS website .

If you are eligible, you can receive NHS continuing healthcare in any setting, for example:

  • in your own home – the NHS will pay for healthcare, such as services from a community nurse or specialist therapist, and personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing and laundry
  • in a care home – as well as healthcare and personal care, the NHS will pay for your care home fees, including board and accommodation

NHS-funded nursing care

NHS-funded nursing care is when the NHS pays for the nursing care component of nursing home fees. Information about eligibility for NHS funded nursing care is available on the NHS website .

Age UK and the Department of Health and Social Care have produced factsheets about NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care.

Personal Health Budgets

From October 2014 anyone eligible for Continuing Healthcare wanting to have their care provided outside of a care home setting will be able to apply for a Personal Health Budget.  This is money paid in the form of a direct payment to pay for Continuing Healthcare eligible needs.  Personal Health Budgets give you greater choice and flexibility and control about who provides your care and support and how it is delivered. A Personal Health Care Budget can be discussed in detail with the Nurse Assessor responsible for your assessment. More information about Personal Health Budgets is available on the NHS website .

What if I need equipment or support to recover at home?

The Assisted Living Centre provides information and advice for people who require equipment and support at home to be able to maintain their independence. You can get advice on a range of equipment and adaptations at the centre.

There are a range of shops locally which sell mobility aids, including:

If you would like an Occupational Therapy Assessment, please contact the Single Point of Access on 01472 256256.