Engagement toolkit

Engagement is key to making the most informed decisions and developing fit for purpose solutions and services. This means Talking, Listening and Working Together with residents, people who use services and their carers, and colleagues from the wide range of organisations we work with. 

This can cover everything from customer satisfaction through to community and service user research, surveys and focus groups, co-production, and deliberative democracy. 

Many partner organisations in North East Lincolnshire (NEL) want to get better at how we talk, listen and work together with our communities. It can be daunting, and this toolkit is for anyone who is intending to engage and work together with NEL residents.  

The Talking, Listening and Working Together (TLWT) commitment is our promise to residents and partners. It’s the foundation of mutual trust and sincere relationships that will help us make the right decisions and support positive change. We have promised to:  

This toolkit will give people a better understanding of best practice when it comes to engaging effectively, giving decision makers the insight they need, and helping to live up to our commitment to our local community.  

Why Engage?
Presenting your results
Getting Started
Working Together and Enabling Community Led Change
Evaluating Engagement
What to do with your findings – analysing and theming results
Case Studies

Page last updated: 06 Oct 2023