Workplace Health and Wellbeing Overview

Be recognised as a Health & Wellbeing Conscious Employer, supporting your workforce to support themselves and others, creating happier, healthier and a more connected workforce.

Who are we?

NEL Workplace Health & Wellbeing are a FREE workplace initiative focusing on improving all things health & wellbeing within your workplace.

What do we do?

We offer guidance & support through a range of initiatives to help improve your workplace health & wellbeing culture, supported by a variety of awards tailored to your needs.

Bringing to you…

Make wellbeing a priority in your personal and professional life, and be a part of a connected community that values its employees and customers.

An easy access online training portal that holds training, information, advice and guidance to all things workplace health and wellbeing related

A FREE awards programme supporting businesses and organisations across NEL, to navigate improving their workplace health & wellbeing culture.

A variety of short yet effective interactive workshops and training (online and in-person) aimed at improving and supporting health and wellbeing in your workplace.

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