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Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) staff resources

The MCA is the law that explains what to do when a person is not able to make decisions for themselves. North East Lincolnshire’s MCA and Deprivation of Liberty policy sets out local expectations about how the law is applied. One of the policy’s aims is to support the development of a legally literate workforce, through use of shared tools and access to a shared programme of learning. This page shares tools, resources and information about training.


Quest is North East Lincolnshire’s recommended training provider for learning about the MCA and safeguarding. Quest training is designed to support the development of a workforce able to champion rights-based care across a wide range of health and care settings. 

Quest offers:

  • MCA training pathway  The MCA pathway is free to those working in the health and social care sector in North East Lincolnshire with those aged 16+. Further terms and conditions apply.
  • Safeguarding training pathway  The first session of the adult safeguarding training pathway is free to all working in adult health and social care in North East Lincolnshire. The second session carries a small charge. Further terms and conditions apply.

A training and information map containing useful adult safeguarding resources and training opportunities can be accessed using this link: Safeguarding adults directory 

MCA Mini-series

This animated mini-series, available on YouTube, explores the MCA in a digestible format which is accessible for all levels.  Each animation in the series explores an element of the MCA.

  • Episode 1 – Let’s Talk: advanced care planning – Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment and Advance Statements.
  • Episode 2 – Whose decision is it anyway?: who can make a best interest decision on behalf of an individual who lacks the relevant capacity.
  • Episode 3 – The Court of Protection: what is the Court and what does it do?  When should applications be made to it?
  • Episode 4 – Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS):  what are the LPS and when will they come into force?  Why and how will the law change?  NB a delay to the LPS has been announced since this episode of the mini-series was made.
  • Episode 5 – Preparing for Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS): find out about North East Lincolnshire’s preparation for LPS.  NB a delay to the LPS has been announced since this episode of the mini-series was made.
  • Episode 6 – Necessary and proportionate: what do the terms ‘necessary’ and ‘proportionate’ mean in the context of a deprivation of liberty.
  • Episode 7 – Deprivation of Liberty: all things deprivation of liberty!
  • Episode 8 – Mental Capacity: hints and tips to support practitioners when considering capacity, as well as dispelling some common myths!

Access the mini-series using this link – MCA mini-series 

MCA and Safeguarding newsletter

The newsletter offers updates on case law (judge-made law) and local policy, as well as tips for best practice from Ombudsman decisions, articles, expert guides and reports.

Sign up for the newsletter using this link: MCA & Safeguarding Adults e-newsletter

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