Direct payment support organisations

If we have agreed with you that a direct payment is the best way to meet your care needs, there can be significant administrative tasks to be undertaken, such as bookkeeping or employing and managing care staff.

We must be satisfied that you can manage the direct payment yourself, or with whatever help you can access. We must also be satisfied that making direct payment to you, including the costs of any help you need, offers value for money.

People in North East Lincolnshire who are unable to self manage their direct payments can get help with administration from an independent Direct Payment Support Service (DPSS) or third party support organisation. These organisations specialise in managing direct payments. 

There are 3 main areas of support that can be provided by a DPSS:

  • Employment Support (where personal assistants are employed)
    • Includes recruitment and advice on being an employer to ensure all legal and contractual arrangements are in place.
  • Payroll (where personal assistants are employed)
    • Includes a payroll service which will enable you to meet all of your statutory payment responsibilities.
  • Third Party Managed Accounts
    • Where this is required, the organisation will open a bank account in the direct payment recipient’s name, to which the organisation is a third party. The provider will advise you how the managed account will operate and how to fulfil your own roles and responsibilities in relation to the direct payment agreement you have with us.

There are a few third party support providers operating in North East Lincolnshire, their contact details are below. You can generally decide which organisation will best meet your needs. The money to pay for the reasonable costs of this help will be added to your direct payment amount. We will only pay amounts agreed in advance, as reasonable for the level and type of help you need. If we agree that you can use an alternative or more expensive way of getting help, for example from an accountant, you will be responsible for paying any additional associated costs from your own funds.

  • Care4all Personal Assistant Support Solutions – Telephone 01472 322426 or Care4all
  • Penderels Trust – Telephone 01472 500335 or Penderels Trust
  • PayPacket – Telephone 0800 848 8998 or PayPacket
  • The Rowan Organisation – Telephone 02476 322 860 or The Rowan Organisation

Page last updated: 06 Oct 2023