The North East Lincolnshire Commitment

The NEL Commitment ‘Talking, Listening and Working Together’ (TLWT) was adopted in 2021 by the North East Lincolnshire Health Care Partnership (NELHCP) as their collective approach ensuring community engagement informs health and care planning and decisions in North East Lincolnshire.

The Commitment was developed by community members, and representatives from the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector working as equal partners with North East Lincolnshire  and NELHCP and agreed as the way to do things in North East Lincolnshire.

 We will be clear and honest about
how you can get involved
we are doing with what you’ve told us
We will

hear your voice and what you have to say
use what you tell us to bring about change
be open to be challenged on the way we do things
Working Together
We will

encourage all of our communities to take part
come to the places where you are
work together with you and others to make the best use of time and money
Making Every Conversation Count


A toolkit is being developed to ensure all organisations involve service users, patients and members of the public when shaping the health and care offer in North East Lincolnshire.

Page last updated: 10 Oct 2023