Alderlea Care Home

Provider Supports

Hearing impairments, Mental Health, Physical disabilities, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Palliative/end of life care

This residential care home is for older people aged over 65 and is owned and operated by National Care Consortium Ltd.

Alderlea Residential Care Home

About this provider

Alderlea is a registered residential home which nestles in the rural village of Humberston near Cleethorpes. The home itself can accommodate a maximum of 40 residents, male and female, some of whom may have memory impairment.

About the premises

Alderlea is a homely home, with a friendly family atmosphere, providing excellent accommodation for older people and older people with is a 40-bedded home, with 40 single bedrooms.

All our facilities are covered over two floors. The environment is set out to enable ease and freedom for Service User to walk around safely and the design maximizes the use of the floor space.

A secure garden which is accessible and a usable space to ensure safety of all Service Users.

Service Users at Alderlea will benefit from a homely home which is ‘your home, our care’. Service Users will benefit from a highly trained skilled workforce, who are committed to providing high standards of care to meet individual choices, needs, requests and preferences Our key emphasis is to ensure each person is treated and supported as an individual who is unique to everyone else.

People who use our services will receive care, treatment and support relevant to individual identified needs that are identified during the initial pre-admission assessment. The pre-admission assessment will be carried out to assess the suitability of the match between your needs and the Services and facilities of the Home. The suitability of your admission will be discussed with you and, if appropriate and with your permission, your representative(s). Thorough regular evaluation, reassessment and reviewing of individual person-centred care plans enables any changes to identified needs to be efficiently implemented ensuring that overall well-being is maintained. Further support and guidance from other professionals is sought if a need is identified.

Alderlea feels it is extremely important and actively encourage Service Users and their families, carers, and significant others to participate in the review of these plans to ensure that the Service Users’ needs, choices, wishes and feelings are listened too and appropriate action taken.


If you are funding your own care then this will start from £652.00 per week. We do not charge a top up fee, if your placement is funded by the local authority or any other professional service.

Contact Information

01472 812588
Alderlea, St Thomas Close, Humberston, Grimsby, DN36 4HS
Last updated: March 17, 2021
NELC approved