Introduction to MyWellbeing

Sometimes when you’ve got a lot going on in your life it can be difficult working out where to start. The My Wellbeing tool is designed to help you set some goals and make positive changes to improve your health and wellbeing.

By asking you some questions the tool will get you to think about different aspects of your life, and it will then provide you with some helpful information and online tools based on your answers.

This tool will take you through 7 different areas of your life, each of which contribute to your sense of wellbeing. You don’t have to answer each of these sections. You can focus on what is most important to you at this moment.

The seven sections in this tool are:

·        Daily Routine (What you do on a day-to-day basis,  e.g. family commitments, work, leisure, travel)

·        Money (Bills, budgeting, debt, saving, planning for the future)

·        Where You Live (Not just your home but also your community and local facilities)

·        Relationships (Family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, feeling supported, supporting others)

·        Physical Health (Lifestyle, illness, energy, diet, exercise, fitness, self-care)

·        Emotional Wellbeing (Self-esteem, motivation, self-confidence, happiness, stress, relaxation, worry)

·        Learning (Developing skills and knowledge, aspirations and ambitions, training, qualifications, pursuing interests)

How to use the tool

To start using the My Wellbeing tool, click on ‘Start now’. The tool starts off with a quick ‘check in’, after which you will be directed to complete more in-depth questions around each of the seven areas of your life.

You can skip through questions if you don’t wish to focus on a particular topic. Every time you answer a set of questions (for example, questions about your daily routine), you will be able to see an advice block based on your answers. An advice block is where you can find information and tools to help you make changes to the areas of your life that you want to focus on.

You can also set goals for each of these seven areas of your life, and your goals will be saved to your dashboard for you to revisit at any time.

Page last updated: 06 Oct 2023