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Stop smoking tools

There are often myths and misconceptions surrounding nicotine and stop smoking medicines such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and prescription tablets. Visit the NHS Quit smoking website to read more about the 10 most common myths with stop smoking treatments. Below we have listed some of the most common forms of Stop smoking tools with a brief explanation on how each one works. If you would like more information on Stop smoking tools please contact your local Stop Smoking service on: 01472 325500 or alternatively you can visit the NHS Smoke free website

Woman using a nicotine patch image
Patches are places directly onto your skin and are worn between 16 and 24 hours. They release nicotine into your body stream and are available in different strengths.
Champix prescription image
Champix is a prescription drug that reduces your cravings for nicotine by taking one or two tablets per day. It also changes the way you think about smoking preventing your brain from matching smoking with good feelings.
Person using a nicotine spray image
Mouth Spray 
A mouth spray is an effective way to get rapid relief from cravings as the nicotine is sprayed directly into your mouth and absorbed much quicker than any other form of NRT. carvings can be reduced within one minute.
NRT Gum in a person's hand image
Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) 
NRT Gum releases nicotine into the body through the mouths lining when chewed. Chew to get a strong flavour then rest it between your cheek and your gum.