Vicarage Lodge

Provider Supports

Autism, Learning Disabilities, and Physical disabilities

This residential care home supports adults over 18 primarily with learning disabilities and is owned and operated by Home From Home Care Ltd.

About this provider

A specialist family-owned residential care service providing support with a range of health needs including autism; epilepsy; complex health needs; sensory impairments; mobility and mental health needs.

About the premises

Our learning disability care homes reflect our belief and experience that individuals respond to a warm and homely atmosphere.

The homes offer spacious, communal environments for social interaction, balanced with privacy and personal space for each individual.

All the homes are located in villages with access to a good range of local amenities. At the heart of each home is an open plan kitchen, dining & living space. Each individual’s en-suite bedroom/personal living space is thoughtfully personalised to reflect their aesthetic and physical needs and to facilitate the delivery of their person focused care and support.

Everyone has access to additional spaces including sensory and activity rooms.

Vicarage Lodge is registered for three individuals and has been specifically designed for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities who use wheelchairs. Whilst it has integrated state of the art tracking systems and is a very personalised environment, it is also extremely homely and non clinical.

The activity centre and sensory room are housed in a separate building.


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Contact Information

0800 587 0372
The Old Vicarage, 48 Church Lane, Stallingborough, DN41 8AA
Last updated: March 29, 2021