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Is self assessment right for me?

A lot of people will be able to complete a self assessment, either by themselves or with help from family, friends or a support worker. Some people may find it difficult to explain their situation and may want to get support to help them to complete this self assessment.

This section has a few questions to help establish whether you would benefit from support to complete the self assessment.

Communication & Understanding

You may wish to consider asking someone to help you complete this self assessment if you have difficulties communicating, understanding or making decisions.

Savings and Investments

Some people have to pay for all or some of the care and support that they need. These questions will give you an indication as to whether you will be required to pay. A full financial assessment will be carried out by focus to establish your weekly charge. You are still entitled to help to plan your care and support needs whether you are required to pay or not.

Home & Living

Try and base your answers on a typical or average week, think about any support you have at the moment - imagine yourself alone in your home with nobody else there to help you

Eating & Food

Personal Care

Social Relationships & Activities

Work, Training, Education & Volunteering

Caring for Others

Staying Safe

The reason this question is part of the self assessment is to help us identify any concerns you might have about the way other people behave towards you. This might be things that they do or say to you that make you hurt or upset, it might be to do with money, your property or it might be about the way they look after you or don't look after you.

Support you currently receive from family, friends and volunteers