Exercising during the coronavirus outbreak

For the latest guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK, please see the Government website. Whether you are social distancing or staying at home, Sport England have put some suggestions together of how you can get active in and around your home.  You can also find free easy 10 minute work outs from Public Health England or other exercise videos to try at home on the NHS Fitness Studio.

General information

NHS Live Well have a guide to help you get started with exercise and provide information and advice about many types of free exercise, whether you want to walk, cycle, or exercise at home. A 12 week fitness plan for beginners is available.

You don’t have to run to exercise, but if you wanted to give running a try, you can start running with One You’s Couch to 5k podcasts. Strength and flex running podcasts are also available.

Why not also try the Active 10 walking tracker which shows you how many walks you are doing and helps you fit more 10 minute walks into your day.

You could also try some 10 minute workouts  , gym free workouts  or watch some Fitness Studio exercise videos for inspiration.

Physical activity guidelines differ depending on your age. For more information, see NHS Live Well.

For information about local sports and leisure facilities and activities, check out Lincs Inspire’s website.