Adult social care general advice

The Single Point of Access (SPA) offers you a confidential advice and information over the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The SPA is made up of five options, and your call will be taken by a team of trained call advisers, who are supported by experienced practitioner to help you access the right advice or support.

Option 1 – Health

If you are ill and have questions about your physical or mental health or if you need to see a GP during the evening, night time or weekends, then ring 01472 256256.

Option 2 – Social care, therapy, safeguarding and general advice

For any enquiries about adult social care (if you or a relative needs some extra support at home, for example). If you feel that occupational therapy equipment may help to maintain your independence in your home. If you wish to raise a safeguarding concern or would like general advice or information.

Option 3 – Mental health support

General advice and support around your mental wellbeing and during the evening/overnight people can access the Mental Health Crisis Service by calling the same number.

Option 4 – Hospital discharge team

If you or a friend/family member is in hospital and you feel they will need support to return home, the hospital discharge team can help with discharge planning.

Option 5 – connectNEL

Providers support and advice to connect you to local services and activities.

Locally adult social care is provided by focus independent adult social work.